These top-rated songs by Rihanna will forever remain a big mood

Top-rated Rihanna’s classics to be remembered

When it is Rihanna, she is a whole new mood. The statement made by her when asked if she is looking for another man, “I’m not looking for a man; let’s start there.” There you have the self-dependent Rihanna we call Bad Girl RiRi! She is genuinely a massive motivation for all the women out there.

Rihanna has dropped songs that have crossed billion of worldwide views and are a powerhouse of pop, EDM to R&B. One of the most prominent songwriters, producer in business as well as her beauty line Fenty is popular. Her songs rock every party and give off a vibe ‘DGAF’. She made herself known as a Barbadian teen, but today she is the face of all pop music. From fashion inspiration to hit tracks, she has crossed all the records surpassing Elvis, Madonna, and others in the top list.

Some of the top challenging hitting tracks that gained millions of views on YouTube some even went to cross the billion line.

Rihanna blew the charts with this one. The song was released in 2007 and is one of the most unforgettable tracks ever.

We Found Love
With Calvin Harris, this song is euphoric. There are no adequate words to define how right the track is. Will always remain number one from the Rihanna playlist.

It is a slow tempo song. The song is refreshing and filled with love.

Only Girl (In the World)
Whatever Rihanna touches turns to gold. This track is pure bliss and beauty.

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