A voice that will take you to an abyss of blissful thoughts. Who does that for you? Udit Narayan or Kishore Kumar

Udit Narayan VS Kishore Kumar: Whose Songs Get You Lost In Your Thoughts?

The magic of Udit Narayan’s voice will bring back your childhood memories rushing back. He is one such voice engraved into our hearts and minds that we will never get tired of listening to. He has received significant recognition from singing madly in love ballads, songs for road aide Romeos, etc. He has sung for many iconic movies giving us a playlist to enjoy and appreciate.

Dil, Veer-Zara, Swadesh, and more are a few notable films that he lent his mesmerizing voice. If we listen to Udit Narayan sing, his voice will make us lose track of time and enjoy every second of bliss.

Kishore Kumar, the legendary voice has primarily contributed to changing the music industry. He is the king of versatility who frequently played with his voice. He was a sheer genius with a naturally gifted voice that could hold the listener lost forever in his thoughts. He dived into madness and poured every bit into the lyrics and melody that came from him. He was a fun person, and so were his songs.

Udit Narayan or Kishore Kumar, who would entangle you in their mesmerizing voice? Vote Now.

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