It has been just over 24 hours but the constant trending topic for a while has been that of Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic. The couple, who have been married for over four years and have a son together, Agastya.

However, following a series of social media activity on Stankovic’s page, fans began observing how she removed the last name ‘Pandya’ from her Instagram bio and also how she has been absent from Pandya’s IPL matches and there has been no posting as well.

Since then, everyone has been talking about it and there was some fuel added to the fire when earlier in the day, another report came in which stated how they have confirmed their divorce and that Stankovic will get 70 % of the property.

However, there hasn’t been an official statement on any of this.

Now, a while ago, Stankovic was papped as she left a particular building. She seemed rather unaffected and casual as she did not try to escape the paparazzi and even posed for them with all smiles.

Finally, one of them went on to ask for her comment about the divorce rumors that have been circulating. The person asked, ‘would you like to say something about the rumors of your divorce?’

To this, Stankovic immediately looked down and started walking away. She had a wry smile on her face as she responded, ‘Thank you very much’.

She continued walking till she reached her car, and she sat and drove away.

For the uninitiated, Pandya and Stankovic has a dream proposal and a grand wedding back in 2020, and in fact, they even renewed their vows back in February 2023 in Udaipur. Pandya had a dismal IPL with Mumbai Indians as the captain and as a player, where the team finished last on the points table.