It was quite a turmoil for all the fans of cricketer Hardik Pandya and his wife Natasa Stankovic out there in the past two weeks. What began as rumours after all wedding images of the couple were apparently removed from Instagram gained some fuel after Stankovic avoided the question when asked by the paparazzi about divorce rumors and how the lady was missing from the entire IPL and did not even post about the same.

This led to further reports about how Pandya must transfer around 70% of his net worth to her. Neither Pandya nor Stankovic went on to confirm or deny these reports. However, another update has come in and this is some seemingly good news.

Interestingly, it seems Stankovic had never deleted these images and only archived them. Because she has now restored all of them, and if one scrolls and goes to last years, the images from when they renewed their wedding vows are back on the feed-

Natasa Stankovic restores all wedding images with Hardik Pandya; all is well now? 898116

This has indeed come as a surprise to many and once again, if this is a statement or an answer to all the rumors, one doesn’t entirely know. It doesn’t per se confirm or deny all the speculation that has been circling. But it certainly has the buzz town talking about wondering about it.

Meanwhile, Pandya is continuing work as per usual, where he is with the Indian team right now all set for the T20 World Cup.