Delhi Capitals’ best left-handed opener Shikhar Dhawan is one of the most entertaining personalities in the IPL, he has shown his most entertaining moments. He knows how to set off the fans in laughter with his amazing IPL moments. A clown that he is, Dhawan has also proved to be destructive and an important opener for the Delhi Capitals team. He has single-handedly finished off the matches with his amazing batting abilities. Shikhar Dhawan along with his opening partner Prithvi Shaw have put some noteworthy opening wonders for the fans and IPL is off without these players. However, Shikhar doesn’t know how to finish the matches without cracking up some laughter. Shikhar Dhawan does know how to crack people up, here we have some of his best moments from the IPL league. Shikhar Dhawan brings in positive vibes among the players.

It was a match between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders, Kolkata gave DC a target of 154 runs. Prithvi Shaw scored one of the fastest half-centuries in the IPL of just 18 balls. Shikhar Dhawan was on the crease when he was appealed for a stump out, Dinesh angrily pointed at Shikhar Dhawan, Shikhar Dhawan in no time kneeled which made the wicketkeeper burst out in laughter.

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There is nothing better in IPL than Shikhar Dhawan trolling his opponents, one of them was Ravichandran Ashwin, during his second delivery of the 13th over Ashwin stopped his bowling midway to warn Shikhar Dhawan about the ‘Mankad’. Dhawan after that kneeled on his one knee and looked at the bowler. But what’s happened after this incident will amaze you, Ashwin after bowling to Shreyas shook his bat and performed a little dance which left commentators burst out laughing.
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