Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi were pitted against each other once again in the Legends League Cricket T20 match between India Maharajas and Asia Lions. During the match, a heartwarming moment was witnessed on the field, with Afridi checking Gambhir’s well-being.

As per reports in Sports NDTV, it was the 12th over of India’s batting, with Gambhir on the strike. On the bowling of Abdul Razzaq, Gambhir tried to hit the ball towards the fine-leg boundary, but the ball hit the edge of his bat and hit him on the helmet. Though there was no serious damage, Afridi went up to Gambhir and asked him if everything was alright before proceeding with the match.

The video of the incident has widely been shared on social media, with Afridi’s gesture winning the hearts of the fans. Check here!