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The King of football has faced some disappointing performances

3 Performances by Lionel Messi We Got Annoyed On

Lionel Messi is one of the legendary footballers in the world. His techniques have been unmatched. He is the first player to win six Ballon D’or Awards. Always constant is the battle between him and Ronaldo. His humble and down-to-earth personality sets him apart from the rest. He has a knack of the game and knows how to score. He has faced some disappointing performances throughout his journey. It has been riddled with ups and downs yet he conquers the field.

One of his worst performances was Barcelona vs Juventus in the UCL season when Messi was completely surrounded by Juve players and he could not do anything in the match. It was certainly one performance he would regret. Barcelona lost 3-0. The performance brought around a lot of criticism online.

Another performance that Messi brought dismay to his fans was his first leg against PSG in 2016-2017 seasons. His performance was horrific and he lost the ball countless times and hardly contributed to the game. His team was utterly disappointed and it came as a shock to the public when the greatest player has a flawed performance.

His game against Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League final is one of his worst performances.  Messi missed the penalty which lost Barca a place in the finals. His journey hasn’t certainly been easy but he always played like an undefeatable champion. An iconic figure in the game, he always held his head up high.

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