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ABD and Pandya- the two smashing hitters. Who do you think is the perfect hard-hitting batsman?

AB De Villiers vs Hardik Pandya: the Perfect Hard-Hitting Batsman
AB De Villiers is an all-rounder and one of the finest players in the world. ABD is known as ‘Mr. 360 Degree’ by his fans for his unique batting skills. His brilliant batting is a glory to watch. Fans all around the world love his personality. The passion for his game has made him quite the legend. One of the complete batsmen and quite the perfectionist, his records are extraordinary. He sets as an example for the rest of the players as an ideal cricketer.

Hardik Pandya is an upcoming sensation. His phenomenal batting skills make him quite the trend. He is known as the rebellious cricketer who is always trending for his antics. One of the most successful players in a short time, he has made a name for himself. He plays like a King who knows to grasp the strategies of the competitors. Always focused, he is one of the biggest assets to the team. He knows his way around the stump and how to show-off his excellent skills.

ABD has more experience when compared with Pandya but both are the perfect hard-hitting batsmen in the field. They know their batting skills are on point and they play to their advantage. ABD’s unique batting shots and Pandya’s strategic shots make them the finest hard-hitters in the field. It is difficult to choose from the best of the lot.


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