Both the Indian cricket team players with their excellent cricket abilities make it hard to choose the best left-handed batsman. Who would you choose as your favorite best left-handed batsman?

Suresh Raina vs Shikhar Dhawan: the Best Left Handed Batsman

Suresh Raina, quite the icon has had a long and illustrious career in cricket. He has always been in the middle order and kept up his pace throughout. He has been an essential match-winner for the ODIs. Without him, the team would be in a frenzy at times.

Raina strategizes to see how to bat according to which situation. He rotates the strike, especially in the middle overs. He unleashes his energy against any bowler in the world. Quite a dangerous man to play with, he is one of the top batsmen who played for India. Left-handed as he may be, his talent is impeccable.

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the best ODI batsmen who are one of the high-scorers for the Indian cricket team. His consistency has been remarkable throughout his journey. Always on top of his game, he is the biggest match-winner for India.

Dhawan is known to slay the ICC tournaments as the left-handed opener. A knack of the game, he holds records to be the fastest to reach 1000 runs in ICC ODI tournaments. The man has opener excellence is one of the leading players for the team.

Both the players being at the top of the game makes it hard to know who the best is. They have established themselves as key assets for the team throughout their journey. The two talented left-handed batsmen have been the team’s favorites. The choice is hard to make when both of them are the best batsmen who have played for the Indian cricket team.


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