"When I found out I'd be representing my home state, I was ecstatic": Hardik Pandya said

Was Very Excited When Got To Know I Will Be Playing For My Home State, Says Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya was not retained by the Mumbai Indians for the IPL 2022 season, but it was a homecoming for the great all-rounder, who was selected by the Ahmedabad club for a stunning INR 15 crores.

Hardik Pandya, a Gujarati cricketer, is ecstatic to be playing for his home state’s franchise.

“To be honest, I was ecstatic when I learned that I would be representing my state. It is the state in which I was born and raised. It will be an exciting and new opportunity for me because I have always played like a player who wants to take on a lot of responsibility and ownership when I do things, and now that I have the chance, I want to create a nice culture where all of the players have equal opportunity—one for all and all for one,” In an interview with ANI, Hardik Pandya said.

“It’s a new chapter for us, a new legacy. Obviously, I am really fortunate to have played for the Mumbai Indians, where I learned a lot from being a fresh kid in the IPL to now being able to lead a squad. It has been a dream come true for me, and I am grateful for all of the possibilities and chances that have been provided by others,” he added.

Hardik further said: “To be honest, the sensation is bizarre. As I have stated several times, I have never envisioned it. If I compare what Hardik was in 2015 to what Hardik is now, It’s been a journey where I never would have predicted something like this would happen. Everything in my life has been a learning curve for me as a player. Playing and learning new things from all of the older players, and then becoming a senior player to a man who others approached and began asking questions about, and now obtaining a new job. It’s been a wonderful adventure, and I’m grateful for all I’ve received; nevertheless, the voyage does not end here; it continues. It’s a new era.”

Source: new indian express