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If you wish a body like Hardik Pandya, you are in the right place…

Hardik Pandya’s Diet And Workout Plan

Hardik Pandya gives the Indian cricket team the balance it desires. He is the perfect modern-day cricketer. He can strike the ball big, roll his arm over decently and is a livewire in the field. If there is one thing that separates Hardik Pandya from other young cricketers, it is his immense self-belief. The flamboyant Baroda all-rounder never lets pressure affect his game, but instead relishes such situations. This all-rounder follows a strict diet and workout plan which help him deliver the best results on the field.

Before he had access to the gym, Hardik maintained his body by running and sprinting in open grounds. He still uses running as a part of his warm-up along with cardio as his fitness regime. After his body has opened up and he is full of strength and stamina, he proceeds to gymming. His core exercises are – power weight lifting, leg squats, push-ups, pull-ups, weighted sit-ups, and crunches. With respect to the diet, he makes it a point to have maximum protein intake. The player feeds on a variety of salads, juices, a variety of beverages, lavish Indian cuisine lunch and dinner, low fat but amazing desserts. Hardik’s fitness advice is simple: Work, Eat and Sleep, all on time.

Well now that you know his workout and diet, its time to hit the gym!

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