Check out the best cricket rivalry between India-Pakistan and India-Australia!

India-Pakistan vs India-Australia: The Best Rivalry

What’s a game without rivalries? There have been several rivalries in International cricket in history – both players and teams. Rivalries have been there for several reasons like for political reasons between the nations, historic reasons and competition obviously. There are many good rivalries like Pakistan-Bangladesh, West Indies – England, Australia – England, and many more. The Indian cricket team has also got some tough rivalries. India-Pakistan and India-Australia are the two rivalries who are often taken the name of at the international level. Both the Pakistani and the Australian cricket teams have given a head-to-head competition to India.

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The India-Pakistan rivalry has been continuing since the partition took place in 1947, after Independence. The rivalry between the two nations and the national cricket teams is known to the entire world. It has always been the most exciting clashes when the two teams are in the same field. The whole world loves watching the India-Pakistan rivalry. When India has got two ICC World Cup wins, Pakistan has got only one.

On the other hand, India and Australia are the two strongest cricket teams of all time. The match between the two teams is really thrilling and enthusiastic. Both the teams have got some powerful set of players. When Australia is the team with the highest ICC World Cup wins of five times, India has got only two. It is very interesting to watch the rivalries together on the field.

The two rivalries, India-Pakistan and India-Australia have been loved by cricket fans all around the globe. But which is the best one? India-Pakistan or India-Australia?

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