Check out the best rivalry in international cricket – India and England!

India vs England: The Best Rivalry

The history of international cricket has seen some biggest rivalries like India – Pakistan, India – Australia, and many more. The India vs England rivalry is one of the oldest rivalries from history, even before India played its first cricket match. Ever since Britisher’s colonization in India, the rivalry started between them. This is still seen in cricket today, after independence. India vs England is one of the biggest rivalries in cricket. The match between India and England is worth a watch and is full of thrill.

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Be it Test, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), or Twenty20 International, both the teams have given each other a tough competition. It was the 1952 Test match against England in Madras when India won over England for the first time with 8 runs. There have been many more such memorable matches in history like the 1971 match in The Oval, 1983 World Cup match, and many more. The two teams are the strongest teams. England has qualified for many ICC World final matches but has won once in 2019. Whereas, India has won the cup twice in 1983 and 2011.

The two teams, Indian and England are loved by their fans and supporters. Whenever the two teams are seen on the field, they have brought a massive storm with their powerful performances. They are no doubt regarded as the best rivalry by many cricket fans and critics in the world.

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