Jasprit Bumrah is considered as one of the top bowlers in Indian cricket. He has made everyone amazed with his deadly deliveries on the field. The player has not only been seen playing for the Indian national cricket team but also for the Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Mumbai Indians (MI). He looks fabulous in both the jerseys.

Since the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 is around the corner after a long wait, the Mumbai Indians (MI) team has already launched their new jersey for this season. The jersey has been launched recently and is loved by many of the fans. The launch of the new MI jersey has made everyone go crazy with it. The new Blue and Gold jersey was launched, by featuring Jaydeep Gohil, also known as the ‘Hydroman’. All the MI fans are amazed at the new jersey design. Jasprit Bumrah would look amazing in the Mumbai Indians blue and gold jersey.

On the other hand, the blue jersey of the Indian national cricket team has been no less. It has always been the favorite jersey for the Indians. Although the Indian cricket team has been spotted wearing the orange jersey as well, the blue jersey makes the ‘Men in Blue’ look perfect. The blue jersey has been seen over the ages and has always been loved by all the Indian cricket lovers. He has always looked sporty and handsome in the blue jersey of the Indian cricket team.

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