Check out why Indian sports are not as popular as compared to other sports!

Reasons Indian Sports Is Not Popular Compared To Other Sports

There are different kinds of sports and all of them have got their own origin from various corners of the world. In fact, there are several sports that have originated from India itself. Indian sports like kho-kho, kabaddi, polo, chess, hockey, badminton, and many more have got worldwide recognition and are loved by many. There are sports from outside India as well, like cricket, football, basketball and many more, which have gained more popularity as compared to Indian sports. Indian sports have not been so popular as compared to other sports.

Be it an outdoor sport or an indoor one, Indian sports have lacked a lot of popularity. But, why is it so? Cricket and football, followed by many other sports like basketball, boxing, etc. have got a huge fan base. They have been nurtured and promoted through various tournaments and leagues. So is also in the case of Indian sports. But, the Indian sports like kho-kho and kabaddi really lack foreign players. The Indian kabaddi team has no doubt got a great bunch of players and they have also won the Kabaddi World Cup five times. Same is the condition with the Indian cricket team. It has also got a great set of players who have given others a head-to-head competition. But there have been a number of competitions like Australia, Bangladesh, West Indies, South Africa, and many more as well who have the ability to defeat India. In fact, these countries have got their interest in cricket as well, but not much in an Indian sport if we compare. These sports lag global audiences and more competitors.

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