Rishabh Pant is one of the most talented and hardworking young cricketers in today’s time. He’s a youngster who’s already proven his mettle across all formats of the game. At one point of time, due to his hard-hitting abilities, Rishabh was categorised as a player who’s possibly only good for the shorter format of the game. However, in 2021, during the Test series in Australia, he proved to one and all that he’s extremely efficient and wonderful even in Test cricket. His knock at Gabba not only helped India win the Test match. But it also helped them make a sensational comeback in the Test series thereby eventually helping India win the series. Around the end of year 2022, Rishabh unfortunately suffered from a car accident due to which he was left severely injured and hospitalized.

Slowly and steadily, Rishabh is currently recovering. Owing to the injury, he’s been away from action and cricket for quite a long time. The good thing however is that slowly and steadily, he’s able to do certain movements with his body that’s actually helping him to recover faster. With the kind of talent and potential that he is, there indeed is a lot of hope and expectation from his end and hence, it is important that he stands tall to all of them. Right now, Rishabh has impressed everyone as he shared a new video of himself from the swimming pool where he’s seen shirtless and taking a dip and well, we love the spirit. See below folks –

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