It surely raises the eyebrows when it comes to the role of Vice-Captain of the Indian Cricket team. Is it Rohit or Raahane? Who is perfect for the post?

Rohit Sharma Vs Ajinkya Raahane: The Perfect Candidate For The Title Of Vice-Captain In Tests

Rohit Sharma is immensely a talented Indian cricketer of all time. He is indispensable for ODIs and T20s. Among all openers of ODI Cricket history, Rohit has the highest batting average of 69.81 and with a strike rate of 98.49, and has completed 6000 runs. His batting average of Test is 46.5 which is absolutely great. He has been a perfect match opener with his outstanding batting skills to tackle the short balls. His tremendous form over the past few months and his fantastic captaincy record with the Mumbai Indians have carried the team forward. Apart from his batting, he is also an excellent fielder and a fabulous bowler with his right-arm off break style of bowling.

On the other hand, Ajinkya Raahane has been a marvelous test player. He is the fifth Indian cricketer with double centuries in a single Test after Gavaskar, Kohli, Hazare, and Dravid. He is a perfect opener with consistency and delivers useful and best knocks at the innings. He has a cool temperament as a player. He is undoubtedly a good fielder and slip catcher with a record of 8 catches all over the world in a single test. He is having a batting average of 42.9 in Test.

Rohit Sharma was appointed as the vice-captain of the Indian Cricket team for ODI in 2019. On the other hand, Ajinkya Raahane has been already the vice-captain for Tests. It is very difficult to choose between the two.

Tell us, who do you think is a better candidate for the title of the vice-captain in Tests?

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