When the team has attacking openers on the crease, they have no reason to worry. Who do you think is the best attacking opening batsman among Dhawan and Roy?

Shikhar Dhawan vs Jason Roy: The Best Attacking Opening Batsman

Shikhar Dhawan is by far the most explosive left-handed opener to play for India. Dhawan packs a punch with his attacking stroke play, getting the team off to some fliers. Once settled, the southpaw has the ability to score some big hundreds. He is a big tournament player and has won crucial games in major ICC events. A natural stroke-player, Dhawan has the gift of picking the line of the ball early and the length of the ball, allowing him ample time to get into position for any shot that he wishes to play. His stats are enough to prove his reputation as an attacking batsman.

On the other hand, we have Jason Roy, an English cricketer representing England as an opening batsman. Opening the batting in first-class cricket is a specialist role. It’s about knowing which balls to leave, about having the patience to wear bowlers down and the defensive technique to withstand the moving ball. Jason Roy does exactly that on the field and deceives the bowler to keep the score moving. The explosive batting is what keeps the England team moving towards the win.

Both these batsmen are the opposition’s worst nightmare. We can’t decide who is the best-attacking batsman as both have some impressive statistics. Please help us out.

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