Who do you think is the best opening batsman in IPL?

Shikhar Dhawan vs Rohit Sharma: The Best IPL Opener

Shikhar Dhawan is by far the most explosive left-handed opener. Dhawan packs a punch with his attacking stroke play, getting the team off to some fliers. A natural stroke-player, Dhawan has the gift of picking the line of the ball early and the length of the ball, allowing him ample time to get into position for any shot that he wishes to play. Dhawan has played for many teams like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and his contribution mainly to Sunrisers Hyderabad has been remarkable. In 2016 he scored 501 runs in 17 matches and Hyderabad won the championship that year. His performance has been consistent and he has proved to be one of a kind batsman.

On the contrary, we have Rohit Sharma, skipper of the Mumbai Indians team. Rohit Sharma is a magician with his bat. He has displayed a magnificent game on the field with his batting as well as leadership skills. Sharma is the leading run-scorer of the team. He is the one who led Mumbai to win the championship 4 times. He has an average of 31.60 in his entire IPL career and he has proved to be a match-winner. Sharma is considered an aggressive batsman but with style and elegance.

Both these batsmen have been phenomenal in international cricket as well as IPL. Who would you choose as the best IPL opener?

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