Shubman Gill‘s swag is as unstoppable as his powerful strokes on the cricket field! The cricket star recently treated his fans to a dose of his effortless coolness with a candid picture on his Instagram handle. In the photo, Shubman exudes pure grandeur as he rocks a stylish black casual t-shirt, perfectly paired with sleek black shades and a fresh haircut.

Subham’s style

With his phone in hand and that unmistakable charm, he declares a temporary absence with a witty caption, ‘BRB’ accompanied by a rain emoji. And guess who couldn’t resist showering him with compliments? None other than the hilarious comedian Tanmay Bhatt, who couldn’t help but applaud Shubman’s sharp jawline. It’s official—Shubman Gill not only rules the cricket pitch but also the world of swag and style!

Shubman Gill's swag is unmissable, here's why 816098

Subham Gill’s latest news

The cricketer has been linked to Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara. The two are rumoured to be in a relationship. However, Gill and Tendulkar have never publicly spoken about their rumored relationship. Despite the lack of confirmation, fans still connect the two in various contexts, hoping for a romantic connection. However, without any official statements, it’s best to respect their privacy and avoid jumping to conclusions based on speculation. Let’s enjoy their individual achievements and appreciate their friendship without reading too much into it.