Whom do you miss the most in IPL 2021?

Sourav Ganguly Vs Sachin Tendulkar Vs Rahul Dravid: Which Indian Legend Batsman Do You Miss The Most In IPL 2021? Vote Now

Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, and Rahul Dravid are three such names who were once considered to be the top three pillars of the Indian batting line-up. There was a time when their dominance was such that no matter how much the team would be in trouble, either of the three would always score runs to help the side reach a competitive score.

The IPL is that one tournament that started pretty much at the later stage of their career. While Ganguly played the IPL from 2008 till 2012, Tendulkar and Dravid played till 2013, and ever since then, it’s been a rare sight to watch the three bat.

All three are legends in their own way but hey folks, if you were given the opportunity to see one cricketer among the three plays in IPL 2021, whom would you have wanted to see?

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