Shikhar Dhawan has made a request via an Instagram video, check it out…

Watch: The mighty Shikhar Dhawan has a request to all fellow citizens

Shikhar Dhawan is by far the most explosive left-handed who is known for his strength. He perfectly packs a punch with his attacking stroke play, getting the team off to some fliers. Dhawan is known as Gabbar for his strong exterior and his moustache. However, this man is a complete softie from inside.

During these difficult times, humans are affected and the number of deaths are rising exponentially. With the lockdown, animals are affected the most as they have no food. Shikhar Dhawan posted a video on Instagram to promote the initiative of People For Animals. He urged his fans and followers to join hands with PFA and donate to feed the unheard living beings who are fighting their own battle during the pandemic. Well, spreading such positivity during these dark days is exactly what is needed and Shikhar Dhawan is doing his part for these animals. We are moved by this sweet gesture of our beloved cricketer and his love towards the animals.

Take a look at the video and stay tuned for more updates.

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