Check out the best part-time bowlers of all time - Yuvraj Singh and Kedar Jadhav!

Yuvraj Singh vs Kedar Jadhav: Who Is India’s Best Part-Time Bowler?

Indian cricket has produced many talented bowlers over the ages. Just like the batsmen, bowlers play an integral part too. Every bowler has got their own skills like spinning, bouncing, yorker, and many more. Some have played in the frontline and some have been introduced in the field as part-time bowlers. The main motive to introduce a part-time bowler is to give the break to the frontline bowlers. In fact, sometimes they have been introduced to break some unbreakable partnerships, and attack the opponents with their amazing deliveries. The part-time bowlers are mostly inexperienced ones who often turn out to be game-changers. Yuvraj Singh and Kedar Jadhav are the two part-time bowlers who have dropped several wickets quickly.

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Yuvraj Singh, the former international all-rounder Indian cricketer is known mostly for his powerful knocks and stunning records. He has also been a great slow left-arm orthodox bowler who has been seen bowling occasionally. He has played a vital role in turning down some important wickets. His performance as a bowler in the 2011 World Cup was really vital, and he did a great job of breaking some strong partnerships.

On the other hand, Kedar Jadhav, another Indian all-rounder cricketer has stunned everyone with his performance. He has hardly appeared on the field to bowl, but whenever he did, he made sure to give his level best. The right-arm slow off-spin bowler has broken partnerships when the frontline bowlers couldn’t do it.

Who among the two you think is the best part-time bowler? Yuvraj Singh or Kedar Jadhav? Comment down below!

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