Yuvraj Singh and Rishabh Pant are easily hailed and recognised as two of the finest left-handed batsmen to have ever played the game of cricket for team India. While both of them belong to different eras, it doesn’t change the fact that both of them share a great amount of admiration and mutual respect for each other. While Yuvraj Singh has been a complete star since the beginning of the 2000 decade in Indian cricket, Rishabh Pant, on the other hand, started blossoming and flourishing in the Indian cricket scenario after 2017 and well, ever since then, he’s tried his best to maintain his consistency. In 2022, Pant did well in all formats of the game and was a consistent member of the Indian team.

However, around the end of 2022, he unfortunately suffered from a serious car accident due to which, his career somewhat hit a roadblock for the time being. Ever since then, he’s on the verge of recovery and slowly getting better. Amidst all this, one cricketer who actually took out time out of his busy schedule to meet Rishabh Pant and make him feel better and more motivated is none other than Yuvraj Singh. Yuvi took to social media to share a photo of him sitting with Rishabh as he in a cute and subtle manner gave all his fans an update about the cricketer’s health. Both were seen happily smiling and chilling and cricket lovers love the moment. See below folks –

Yuvraj Singh meets Rishabh Pant after car accident, shares special pic for fans 786463

Well, we at IWMBuzz wish Rishabh Pant complete recovery soonest. Well, let us know all your views in the comments section below and for more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com