When it comes to data consumption, WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging platform, is no less than any other program, even when users do not use their phones evenly. Because of this prevalent issue, users frequently waste their carefully planned data. According to a report by Media run Search UK, real-time messages, information updates, and apps are constantly running in the background.

The report also advises users to set alerts to monitor particular actions that take up data packages. It involves limiting media updates, broadcasts, and browser searches. However, some of the apps can be blocked from using data while actively running in the background. In addition, users can focus on conversations in the app rather than only making calls to limit the number of times they open the app to read the same chats and by not simply using WhatsApp for calls.

By following the above procedures, users can also stop WhatsApp from connecting to the internet. Notably, users of Android and iPhone devices can turn off this feature to conserve mobile data.

Here are the steps to disable this feature

STEP1 Go to the Settings tab.

STEP2 Click on connection/ connection sharing (for Xiaomi/Mobile Network for OnePlus)

STEP3 To view a list of the apps that are using data in the background, select the Data Usage option.

STEP 4: Select Whatsapp from the list and continue.

STEP 5: Toggle off the feature’s acceptance of background data usage.


Go to Settings in Step 1

STEP 2: Select Mobile.

STEP3 To continue, select the Cellular Data option and move the slider.

STEP 4: To disable the feature, select the WhatsApp option.

According to reports, a future update to WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, would provide the ability to restore deleted messages. WaBetaInfo claims that the WhatsApp beta for Android version features a feature that enables users to retrieve accidentally deleted texts. There is a caveat with this feature, though. When an attempt is made to erase a message for you, users will see a snack bar, according to an image given by WaBetaInfo in its report. If they had previously decided to delete the message for everyone, WhatsApp users in this situation “will have a few seconds to recover the message.”

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