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Kidnapping drama in &TV show

Badho’s kidnapping mystery to spice up drama in &TV’s Badho Bahu

&TV’s Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up and Hum Tum Telefilms) has been churning out a lot of twists for the viewers.

We earlier reported about Lakha (Prince Narula) deciding to get married to Titli (Kanika Mann) and save her from getting hitched to an old man who would have many kids.

Now, Badho (Rytasha Rathore) will be kidnapped by Pinky (Antara Banerjee) and Kamla (Sangeeta Panwar) so that Lakha can marry Titli.

Later, Lucky will learn about her kidnapping drama and would be shocked. Later, he will probe into the matter and learn that Badho is kidnapped by Pinky and Sarla. He will get angry on them and ask them about Badho’s whereabouts.

Furthermore, when Lakha will reach the place where Badho would be, he will find out that she is missing. Lakha will be miffed with Pinky and ask her about Badho. She will be clueless about the same.


Will Lakha manage to find Badho? Who kidnapped Badho?

We called the actors but they were busy shooting.

Stay tuned to IWMBuzz for more updates.

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