Munmun Dutta, the popular TMKOC actress known best for her role Babita Ji, has taken it to her YouTube channel to share a new vlog, giving a chic home tour of her new home in Bombay.

In the video, the actress gives us glimpses of her living room, dining, guest room, kitchen and bedroom too. In addition, the actress also has a stunning balcony designed with lights that she bought from Turkey.

The actress mentions that she has got very muted colour in her apartment, however, she did use some colours like gold in her living room, dining, bedrooms to give that pop of colour. In the kitchen, as she keeps the interiors in the base of grey and white, she kept a showcase of money plants, and the green does truly give the kitchen that extra hue tone.

The actress further boasts of the apartment which she has designed all by herself, and also each piece of furniture that she has in the apartment are exclusively customised.