Aap Ke Aa Jane Se is about how love changes us for better: Suhasi Dhami

Suhasi Dhami chats on her new show on Zee TV

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se is about how love changes us for better: Suhasi Dhami

In a TV scenario, where most female leads are not more than22 or 23 years, Suhasi Goradia Dhami feels lucky to have netted a lead role in the new Zee TV show, Aap Ke Aa Jane Se (Bodhi Tree Multimedia).

“I was getting many offers, but they all had me playing mother of 15-year-old leads. I took the risk of waiting, and I am glad it paid off.”

She has no qualms about acting like 42-years-old Vedika. “I am not 25, and being a mother myself, it is fine.”

When we ask about her personal take on the older-woman-younger-man theme, she says, “At first, when I was young, I too would prefer to follow social norms. But having matured, I realize that love sees no age and one does need a companion; so, what the hell? In fact, even in real life, I have played an important role in getting my dance teacher, who liked someone much younger than her, to finally get married to her love.”

Do children (she has a 15-year-old on-screen daughter) not create an issue? “Yes, they do, but eventually, they come around. Social norms also change. Earlier, girls would get married at 20, while today, some women marry as late as 40. It will not be easy, but if you are committed, then things do fall in place eventually.”

Suhasi is enjoying working with co-star, Karan Jotwani. “I believe it is important to have friendly equations, for you end up spending twelve hours on set. You are also encouraged to come to work, which otherwise would become a drag.”

When we ask why serials don’t show female characters, who find love after divorce, she says, “I don’t know of any divorced male characters as well. Did Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna not flop? I guess viewers are not ready to accept that you hurt someone else before finding love.”

Suhasi, whose character is shown to be quite strict at first, says, “The story is about how love will change us–while I will mellow down, he will become responsible (quite immature now). It is good to know that the pace is quite fast; the makers don’t want to lose the audience attention.”

In closing, Suhasi strikes a pragmatic note, “Although the channel seems happy for now, it is always better to wait for a month or two before deciding whether it has worked or not.”

We wish her success.

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