In conversation with Mohammad Nazim, lead of Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Apart from talent and hardwork, lady luck is important to become successful: Mohammad Nazim

Saath Nibhana Saathiya heartthrob Mohammad Nazim is on a well deserved break after the above iconic Star Plus show ended its long glorious innings.

“I am back home as my sister is getting married next month so bit tied up with that,” says the muscular lad to IndianWikiMedia.

Talking about Saathiya, Nazim, who played Ahem and Jigar in the show, says, “It feels great to be part of a super hit show which ruled the ratings for over 7 years, we never went below top five list.  We are reaping the rewards of our hard work as people know and appreciate us. It is a sad fact that most shows come and go and you are left unsung.”

Here Nazim adds that he has really grown as an actor over the last seven years.  “Agreed it took me a while to get a hang of things, no wonder I started winning awards only in the last three years.” His first show was Shaurya Aur Suhani back in 2009.

Fitness freak Nazim, who runs a gym back home, also has an annual body building competition, “I give the winner bikes so the youth is inspired to look and feel good.  Having said that, if you want to become an actor, great body, good looks, dancing skills are very important add on but  you need to be able to emote on screen .   Sans that, the above attributes count for nothing.”

Besides TV, Nazim also harbors big screen dreams both in Hindi and Punjabi.  “There are talks going on, let’s see.”

Ask him if small screen actors are finally getting their due in films and he says, “Well, apart from talent and hard work, lady luck also plays an important role, if it is destined you can shine anywhere be it films  or tube.  TV stars like Sushant Singh Rajput and Rajkummar Rao successfully crossed over.”

So does he miss Saathiya’s set? “You bet, we had hoped to complete a decade together. The entire unit was like a family, even now the technical and creative team keep calling and connecting.”

Ask him about the image trap which actors who play iconic characters fall into and he says, “A lot depend on a whole list of things.  I can’t say much as have not done many shows.  It is no big deal.”

Despite being in the industry for many years, Nazim does not have many close friends, “I know the entire lot, but I am close to only Nandish Sandhu and Saurabh Pandey.”

In closing, we ask him what kind of characters would he want to play on TV and films?  “As an actor sky is the limit, but if you want me to name a few, I would say romantic action characters which allow scope to flaunt my body.  I would also like to do hard core war flicks or series.”

We wish him all the luck and success.

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