Amit Raghuvanshi who is presently seen playing the negative lead in Dangal's new show Jyoti Umeedon Se Sajee, gets talking about his character. Read here to know his thoughts.

As an actor, you need to let the character consume you rather than forcing yourself into it: Amit Raghuvanshi 814515

Actor Amit Raghuvanshi who was seen playing the negative lead in Kasautii Zindagii Kay has recently joined the cast of Dangal’s new show Jyoti Umeedon Se Sajee. This show is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions. Amit has been part of the OTT circuit with shows Class of 83 and Blackwoods.

Amit shares with the challenges before him as he sets foot to be a part of the Dangal show. “I play the antagonist. For him, outer beauty is all that matters. His sole aim is to get married to Jyoti by hook or by crook. For that, he is ready to stoop down to any level.”

On the learnings that the industry has given him so far, Amit explains, “I think my biggest learning has been to unlearn and be a blank sheet before moving ahead with any character. Also, let the character consume you rather than forcing yourself to be the character.”

Ask him whether he is not worried about being typecast for negative roles, and Amit says, “It is fun to play the baddie apart from receiving all the hatred from the audience. The more viewers hate the character, the more closer they come to the actor’s hard work. It does not bother me any more of being typecast. I prefer to do my job and leave the rest to my destiny. When I started my acting career, I never imagined that I could play the antagonist in a show. I was always told to be the good guy next door. But then, when you have the King of Romance Shah Rukh Khan doing films like Darr and Baazigar, and shutting all the noises of being typecast, there is nothing much to worry.”

Amit loves to play intense roles which have a lot of layers in them. And getting back to Jyoti and its USP, Amit avers, “It revolves around a girl believing in her dreams and chasing them without following any shortcuts. She believes that every challenge she faces will take her a step closer to her dream.”

Ask him about his web projects and he says, “I had a blast shooting for Blackwoods. I played a rich, spoilt brat in it. The entire cast is fairly new, so we vibed well on the set.”

On his upcoming projects, Amit quips, “As of now, I am concentrating on Jyoti. I am auditioning though so that I remain in the active database of the casting directors.”

Best of luck, Amit!!

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