Manav Gohil talks about playing Akshay in Main Hoon Aparajita

Young and talented Manav Gohil, who has been entertaining the viewers with his varied roles in projects like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Tenali Rama, Kesari Nandan, Yam Hain Hum, and Shaadi Mubarak, is currently seen playing Akshay in Zee TV’s popular show Main Hoon Aparajita. In an exclusive conversation with, Manav spoke about his new show, challenges, and more:

Tell us about your experience shooting for your new show…

It has been fantastic. Starting one more daily soap has been good. The primary things that you witness like the crew, team, and co-stars, here everything is splendid and comfortable. It feels like we are starting on the right foot and we are having fun.

What made you select this show and character?

I was in negotiation with two shows and this one turned out to be better in the lot. The idea behind the show the makers shared with me in terms of the way they want to approach this entire show interested me. I think Zee was very keen on it. I feel it was something I shouldn’t have refused.

You are playing a father to three grownup daughters Chhavi (Anushka Merchande), Disha (Dhwani Gori), and Aasha (Shruti Choudhary), was there a second thought before signing the show?

No, that doesn’t trouble me. As long as the character is not diluted, I am not worried about playing a father on-screen. We have fun shooting with each other. Daughters are always fun.

What according to you is the USP of Aprajita?

As a show, it is the bond between the mother and three daughters. Particularly when I see the episodes, I love to see the daughters and Aprajita bonding. Aprajita is a reflection of a strong woman in today’s time.

Do you find any similarities between you and your character?

Not really. Akshay loves Chhavi. So the scenes when Akshay bonds with Chhavi that I relate to. Other than that, what Akshay thinks about women and society, in general, is nothing like me.

What has been the most challenging bit about the character you are playing?

I don’t like manhandling women. I can’t do it and I don’t approve of it. If someone does it with anyone on the streets my blood boils. Akshay does not care much. He is not a wife beater but he is a rough guy. I don’t like that part about my character. So to convince myself to do that, I cringe inside and do my scene.

How is your working experience with Shweta Tiwari and Shweta Gulati?

Tiwari and Gulati are fun people. The two gel amongst themselves too and we all three also share great on-screen rapport. We all work for the show and we don’t bring our personal issues to the table where we are working. I am very fortunate to be working with two very mature women and fine actresses.

Any final message

I am happy that fans are appreciating our work and loving us. I wish they keep showering their love and we continue to entertain them.

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