Band Baja Bandh Darwaza is intelligent humour: Neelu Kohli

Neelu Kohli talks about her new show SAB TV horror comedy, Band Baja Bandh Darwaza

Band Baja Bandh Darwaza is intelligent humour: Neelu Kohli

Veteran actress Neelu Kohli, who at the moment is busy in her daughter’s upcoming wedding, has managed to take some time out for her new SAB TV horror comedy, Band Baja Bandh Darwaza.

“I am playing the hero’s mother. There is also a back story connecting the ghost to our on-screen family. One of the main reasons for saying yes to this Tuk Tuk Picture Company venture, apart from the well-written script, was that it is a limited series (26 episodes in all), so did not take too much of my time. It is also fun to rub shoulders with senior and talented actors like Mukesh Tiwari, Rajendra Sheth, etc.

Talking about the genre, she says, “Let’s face it; today supernatural alone sells, but yes, we don’t deal in evil daayans and chudails, which are the new rage. Rather, our ghost is sweet and lovable.”

Ask whether a bi weekly limited series will click in a daily TV environment where it takes a lot of time for shows and characters to resonate, and she replies, “To be honest, I also had such reservations at the start but then I have to accept that someone else runs the show. Also, having seen the work done, it will be sad if the public misses out on some good clean fun, which is not in the slapstick but intelligent zone.”

Post her daughter’s February wedding, Neeluji will next start working on her upcoming Punjabi film. “I have also shot for four or five web series (Alt Balaji, Applause), all of which will come out in the days to come.”

“Web is the best thing to have happened to us artists, for it gives the much-needed creative freedom to do stuff that broadcast TV will not allow, period.”

But what about the rampant sex and sleaze on digital? “Yes, this comes with the censorship-free territory, but not all WWW products are full of nudity and abuse. I saw Habib Faisal’s Home, which really left me impressed. Finally, I will just say one thing – let the viewer alone decide what he/she wants to see; let’s not judge for them.”

In closing, Neelu, who has done lots of TV and films over the years, says, “There is much more work left unexplored. I am just thankful to God for he has always kept me busy.”

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