Actress Seema Kapoor, who plays the role of Begum Sahibaan in Colors’ Udaariyaan produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment, says that she loves being part of the show, as she has bagged a challenging role.

Says Seema who is a veteran with oodles of experience as a performer, “I wanted to play the character of Begum Sahibaan, as it strongly was a challenging role and aroused my curiosity to play it to the hilt. I’ve always done challenging characters and justified them beyond measure, if I may say so myself. I personally don’t relate to my character here since she was from another country with her own beliefs and motives; but yes, me, being a perfectionist actor, I went into the skin of my character and familiarised myself with her.”

She adds, “Where the graph is concerned, I’ve always taken it seriously, be it in dialogues, body language or the overall portrayal, so that it helps me play the role flawlessly. I love drama and emotional scenes, they are my forte too.”

Working with producer Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta is amazing, she says, adding, “Where Sargun and Ravi are concerned, I admire them deep inside, they are gracious, humble and caring.”

Meanwhile, she says that the entertainment industry has become an amazing roller coaster with so many options today. “TV, OTT and films have their own flavour. They are giving healthy competition to one another, and this is what keeps one on one’s toes. I love to work daily, provided little mutual adjustments are made in timing. One should be charged up to give one’s best. The atmosphere should be creative, not like entering a mill; mundane and monotonous. Art should be art, not made into a factory of senselessly churning out mediocrity.”

She adds, “My inspiration to work is to satisfy my inner calibre. When I’m good, the audience is awestruck with my performances and that is my kick which keeps me going.”