Urfi Javed has once again set internet ablaze with her latest set of daring photos and this time she showcased her distinctive style converting foam into bodysuit. Check out photos below

Bizarre! Urfi Javed turns ‘foam’ into a bodysuit [Photos] Credit: Urfi Javed Instagram

Urfi Javed has once again set internet ablaze with her latest set of daring photos. The actress, renowned for her quirky fashion sense, took to her social media handles to unveil snapshots from her recent photoshoot, where she ingeniously turns ‘foam’ into a makeshift bodysuit. Yes, you read it right – foam.

The actress, who frequently shares glimpses of her unique photoshoots on social media, unveiled her latest creation that has left everyone talking. This time, Urfi has showcased her fearless approach to fashion.

In the captivating images, Urfi skillfully conceals her assets with pink foam, creating the illusion of a bodysuit that challenges conventional fashion norms. Teaming this audacious creation with trendy low-waist denim jeans, the actress completes the look with a chic pulled-back hairbun, winged eyes, and rosy lips. Her poised and graceful poses in the photos have, once again, left the internet buzzing with excitement. Urfi Javed, with her fearless and avant-garde approach to fashion, proves that she’s a trendsetter who knows how to captivate and surprise her audience.

See photos:

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Bizarre! Urfi Javed turns ‘foam’ into a bodysuit [Photos] 873862

Netizens’ Reactions

One wrote, “What a creative mind whatever people thinks I don care at least you are happy what you are doing and confident enough to showcase the talent you have !!! Kuddos girl”

Another chose hatred saying, “Kabar mein bhi jana ek din… Khuda ka KHAUFF kro… Boht bura anjaam hoga tera”

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