Swarda Thigale talks about her role and show Savitri Devi College & Hospital.

It is a challenge as an actor to bring out the conflicting emotions of a doctor: Swarda Thigale

Marathi film and TV actress Swarda Thigale who has made a beeline to Hindi TV with Colors show Savitri Devi College & Hospital (Rashmi Sharma Productions) is very elated at having got a chance of doing this medical drama.

Says Swarda, “The genre is the toughest, as we can’t afford to slip up with medical terminologies or processes (holding a scalpel or administering an injection etc). Also we need to maintain the dignity of the white coat; doctors are held in esteem, and are the ones we turn to in cases of health emergencies. One other positive aspect is that we also offer practical advice and home remedies which patients can actually use.”

But most Indian medical dramas seem to focus on the personal lives of the doctor rather than patient interaction? “Yes but you need to appreciate the fact that doctors spend most of their waking hours at the hospital, and even they are humans. The only people they can confide in are their fellow doctors. And where there is lot of connection, romantic or otherwise, negative emotions like jealously also creeps up. Last but not the least, they need to constantly keep up the stiff upper lip; they can’t get emotional with patients, lest their hands falter at the operation table. As an actor it is a challenge to bring out all these conflicting emotions.”

Swarda who has watched the cult doctor drama Grey’s Anotomy for reference says, “This American series is too good; the actors appear as real doctors on call. We in India need to yet get up to the speed.”

Ask her since Indian TV has restrictions, will they be able to show doctors having one night stands as the doctor in the above yankie drama. “Why should doctor‘s be too goody? Agreed you can’t party like crazy when you are cramming for stiff med school. But what stops you from having little fun once you become a doc e.g. hanging out with people who like to hook up. Remember, they too need to chill after a stressful shift full of blood and broken bones. All work and no play and you might end up being a moron.”

Point noted, Swarda!!

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