Shivangi Khedkar has stormed into the Hindi Television industry with her amazing beauty, grace and acting acumen. Her portrayal as Pallavi in Star Plus’ Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali is simply outstanding, and she comes across as a homely character that is extremely relatable.

In an exclusive conversation with, Shivangi talks of her role and show.


The new look of Pallavi is amazing. How has the transition been for you? 

I love Pallavi’s new look. He has been a little different for me, as this is the first time in real life too, that I am wearing mangalsutra and sindoor. But overall, the look is amazing. Sarees are getting difficult to manage during this summertime as the temperature here is Hyderabad is 36 degrees. But we are into show business, you have to wear whatever needs to be worn, no matter what the weather is.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali has been liked by one and all for its relatable tale. What do you think connects with viewers?

That was always our plan, to make everyone feel like it is their story. We wanted viewers to think of Pallavi as one of their sisters, daughter or friend. We have always taken real time situations to make people feel that Pallavi is one of them. I’m glad that people are able to connect.

Take us through the hobbies of Shivangi as a person? 

A dancer and a yoga lover. I am a trained Khatak dancer. I learned pole dancing too. I love exploring different dance forms. So whenever I am not shooting I am trying to learn a new dance form.

How important is this role for you?  

Very!! It is very challenging to play a role that is way mature than what you are. With every scene, I learn something new about Pallavi, and that that inspires me to be like her.

What have been the enriching learning experiences after being part of this show?

Learning is that no matter what, you keep going. During this COVID situation, we feel tensed about the whole situation. We worry about the lockdown and further repercussions, but we keep going. Keep shooting. The whole industry is under a lot of pressure with the telecast, but we figure out solutions and keep working.

How is it to work with Sai Ketan?

Amazing. He is a very supportive and helpful co-actor. I was down with a fever recently and was not feeling fine. My whole team including Sai sat down with me and made sure I get fine. All my co-stars are my like my family. They have been taking care of me like my own family.

How do you both complement your scenes especially when it involves good chemistry? 

We are actors and our job is to deliver to the best of our abilities in the time and place provided. It’s very easy with Sai as he is an amazing actor. It’s easy to improvise when your co-star is a good actor.

Who is the prankser on sets?

Our director Hemant Prabhu sir and our DOP Sadanand Pillai sir. These two are 24*7 pulling our legs and having fun on set.

What are the kinds of roles that interest you? Is there any dream role?

I am a big fan of Wonder Woman a DC film. And I love Gal Gadot. A movie like Wonder Woman is my dream movie and a dream role. A movie like that has inspired so many girls like me. That movie taught me that being a woman is like having all the ‘strength’.

Your message to fans

I feel blessed that I have you all, loving Pallavi and Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali so much. Thank you for all your love and support.