Niti Taylor the bride-to-be sends out an open letter to all the girls like her, who are going through major changes in their wedding plans owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check Out!! Niti Taylor’s Open Letter To All The Brides-To-Be

Niti Taylor the talented actress of Ishqbaaz fame recently got engaged to Parikshit Bawa is an Army Lieutenant. The two of them are all set to get hitched soon!!

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the Nation badly, Niti like many other brides-to-be faces a major change in wedding plans.

And in this video, she spills her heart out and talks for herself and also sends out an open letter to all the brides-to-be to put up a bright smile on their faces and make their D-day special even when there are lesser number of guests involved and there are changes in all the arrangements planned so meticulously for months.

Niti shares the warmth and concern that every bride-to-be will have, and Niti is so right in saying that you have you Man Perfect with you and you have to walk the aisle with the brightest smile possible.

Check the video here.

Aww!! So true, Niti!!

May you have a blessed wedding and a fulfilling experience as bride!!

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