Nausheen Ali Sardar speaks out on people speaking on her looks

Comments on my looks are hurtful: Nausheen Ali Sardar

The beautiful and talented actress Nausheen Ali Sardar, who is making a return to the tube with fantasy SAB TV show, Aladdin, is upset with sections of the media which keep comparing her today’s pictures with what she looked 15 years ago.

“I am shocked and hurt, for similar articles were written last year as well now again. I don’t know who sitting out there is trying to sabotage my image. I have never meant any ill to anyone, so wonder why I am being targeted,” says Nausheen to

She continues: “It is very wrong to compare anybody’s today’s look with how they looked years back. I challenge those who write these stories to say that they have not changed since their school and college days. We all look different as we grow up. There is a lot of chatter regarding my Facebook and Instapics, but you need to appreciate that SM has come around only recently, and you can’t compare my pic taken 5-7 years ago to how I looked, say in the year when Kkusum first started.”

Nausheen first came into fame with this Balaji show, with Anuj Saxena as her co-star. She then went on to do a few films as well.

“Comparisons with the above super-hit Sony show are wrong for further reasons as well, for back then, I would do tan make up to look like your girl next door, when in real life I am very fair, courtesy my Iranian lineage (mom is from former Persia). I also sported a black hair wig, while in reality, I have brown tresses, which I love to highlight. As part of the trend back then, I would shape my eyebrows, which is no longer in today. Being today’s girl, I follow the current norms. “There is also chatter about using online filters, but I never really use deep ones, only toying with the fun ones, such as adding a hat, etc. I, personally, don’t like those erase liners, for it masks one’s expressions, which are the most important weapon in an actor’s armoury.”

The talented lady feels that the comments are hurtful and people should talk about her work.

“Please don’t go below the belt just because you have to write something bitchy.Stop talking about my looks. I have better things to do. If I ever need advice, I might as well pay a shrink. I don’t need your personal comments.”

Point made, Nausheen.

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