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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala's Sikander and Kulfi are the perfect example of a doting father-daughter duo who are always there for each other, near or far.

All the cute father-daughter moments between Kulfi and Sikander

If there was ever a super-cute and adorable father-daughter couple, who were an all-time favorite of the audience then it would have to be Kulfi and Sikander hands down!

Aakriti Sharma as the perky and bubbly Kulfi Kumar and Mohit Malik as the rugged and soft-cornered father Sikander, are taking the television by storm with their father-daughter on-screen rapport. Both these actors intact share a similar bonding even off-screen and that’s exactly what helps them bring the same charisma in their performance on the show too.

All the cute father-daughter moments between Kulfi and Sikander

Here are all the cute moments about their amazing bond that Sikander and Kulfi shared together, which are probably going to stay with us for a long time:

  • The way they care

No matter what happens, together or apart, this father-daughter duo never stop thinking, caring and even worrying about each other. And this is what we like to call absolutely doting, don’t you think?

  • Their bond

One of the strongest bonds that the television industry has ever seen, Kulfi and Sikander have given father-daughter goals to a lot of girls out there. Their bond is truly unique and every scene they have together, you can feel the bond too.

  • String that pulls them together

You know how you sometimes just feel a tug towards a person and you instantly know that they mean something more to you. Sikander and Kulfi have that exact kind of tug in their lives and what’s better is that audience can see and feel it too!

Sikander and Kulfi have become one of the major reasons why Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’s fanbase is increasing by the day and we are all too excited to see what twists and turns this show will go through next.

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