If the competition was for best siblings on Indian television then we can tell you right away that Divya and Drishti would steal the prize hands-down!

When Diyva and Drishti gave us major sibling goals on TV

Divya Drishti is an Indian supernatural drama series that has gripped the television audience from the get-go and has already become a fan favourite in just a handful of episodes that have aired so far. Sana Sayyed plays the role of Drishti while Nyra Banerjee plays the role of Divya and together they have supernatural powers to see the future events and overturn present day situations. But as you must have already guessed it, they are the strongest when together and that is what seems to be exciting the audience as well.

We jokingly say sisters before misters many times and these on-screen sisters have been doing just that in their show Divya Drishti! Come what may, both of them understand their priorities all too well and would never let any harm befall each other.

While they are inseparable sisters on-screen, Sana Sayyed and Nyra Banerjee are BFFs on the sets of the show as well, and their bonding is what helps the click so well on the show. From supporting each other to being the backbones and from worrying about each other to always putting the other one’s interest first, these Sharma sisters do it all.

These on-screen siblings have set all new standards of ‘#sistergoals’ for their fans already and we can’t help but love their camaraderie and bond that is ever so tight. They have had each other’s backs on a human and even supernatural level at all times and it never ceases to amaze us how they are so supportive of the other person at all times.

The kind of blind trust we often hear siblings share with one another is what these actresses have as Divya and Drishti on-screen and even as set buddies off the screen. Way to go sisters!

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