Nitin Goswami has gotten his big break with &TV’s Siddhivinayak and here he is talking about his role and much more..

I don’t believe in rat race; I only compete with myself – Nitin Goswami

The rise of Nitin Goswami will give confidence to many youngsters, for this good looking guy has bagged a lead role in &TV show Siddhivinayak through sheer hard work.

Says Nitin, “I am playing a cool Punjabi munda Vin Kundra who comes to Mumbai to become a film star under the umbrella of his rich producer dad. Vinayak has all the required attributes i.e. style and body, sans dancing. Here enters talented back dancer Siddhi (Neha Saxena) who is forced to teach me to shake a leg despite certain issues due to poverty. Consequently she loses her top often as it naturally takes me time to pick up the steps. I obviously don’t like being ticked off. This is how the show opens, and how we eventually fall in love is what you will have to watch to find.”

It was really easy for him to get into the shoes of Vinayak. “Producer Prashant Bhatt (Studio B&M) told me that you don’t need to act, just be yourself for like my character, I too am a well-built Punjabi. Like him, I can’t shake a leg as well.”

Nitin began his acting career doing negative tracks. “My bad guy avatar in Kumkum Bhagya was appreciated by all.” His other notable appearance was in Sarojini. “For me the length of the role is not important; I try to put magic even in a small scene.”

On grabbing a lead he says, “It is the dream of every actor to be here. I am glad that my hard work has been appreciated and I have slowly risen the ladder. I want to keep doing similar good work in TV and God willing in films as well. However I don’t believe in rat race, I only compete with myself; I want to get better with each new opportunity.”

Friction between boy and girl on screen has become common. “Gone are the days of first love, today both the boy and girl are smart. It takes a couple time to break the ice. Once friendship develops, friction is bound to happen. The thought of marriage arrives much later. Love/hate is a universal phenomenon in most romance and we have shown just that.”

Once settled in, Nitin would be on the lookout for more realistic films and TV serials.  “I am a big fan of Irrfan Khan and would love to do projects like he does.”

He is enjoying working with Neha. “She is a sweet and cooperative co-star. We do rehearsals before taking the shot. The fact that she has done lead roles earlier helps our scene as she knows her stuff.”

Do a swell job in the new role, Nitin!!

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