In conversation with Barkha Bisht Sengupta

I don’t know why everybody thinks that I have a bold personality: Barkha Bisht Sengupta

Barkha Bisht Sengupta is enjoying playing the comic avatar in new SAB TV show, Shriman Shrimati Phir Se.

“This is my first tryst with this light-hearted genre. Normally, daily soaps have lots of drama. The biggest challenge of the genre is to make people laugh, which is tough, given that people have different sense of humor;and yes, keeping the energy levels, throughout the 12-hour shooting schedule.”

How does it feel to reprise a role earliermade a cult by Archana Puran Singh? You also look quite glamorous as actress Prema Shalini!

“There will be comparisons for sure. Let’s face it, I can never be Archana Puran Singh. She had her own body language and dialogue delivery methods. I am really enjoying being allowed to wear the same type of clothes I normally wear.It is fun to come out of the bahu image and be myself.”

Point out that ratings are low, and she says, “There are several things, such as time slot (7.30), which affect TRP; hence, I prefer not to about bother about it. I am getting lots of feedback on social media.Some like it, others don’t”, says Barkha, who over the years, has given hits shows such as Pyaar Ke Do Naam: Ek Raadha, Ek Shyaam, Naamkarann and Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman.

Here Barkha informs us that fresh shooting of Shriman Shrimati Phir Se will resume any day now. This Adhikari Brothers presentation had a bank of 40 episodes, before it went on air.

Is there a chance that, given low ratings, the channel might shut shop after 4O? “I don’t think so, considering the investment they have made in the sets. It should continue for 260 episodes as the original series ran.Having said that,you never know.”

Besides Shriman Shrimati Phir Se, she also enjoyed her recent BCL stint. “It has found a good new home in MTV.There is already talk of season 4 in the next six months”.

Moving to digital,she isalso enjoying her new show, Couple of Mistakes, with Karan Veer Mehra. “We are getting a good number of subscribers and great feedback. The biggest challenge on the web is to get viewers to check out your stuffin the already very-cluttered environment. Also, you need to think out of the box, for tried and tested content is now passé.”

Given Barkha’s bold personality, we ask if she would be open for bold web content.She quipped,“I don’t know why I am always asked this question.Where do I have a bold personality? Yes, I wear Western clothes in my personal life, but they are also never very racy. I will never go bold on screen.”

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