Shrenu Parikh has gained fame as the dark sided Jhanvi in Ek Bhram and her character hits it out if the park in every scene!

Ek Bhram’s Shrenu Parikh might be evil but we love her anyway

Ek Bhram: Sarvagun Sampanna is a recently released serial on Star Plus and it has become a blockbuster in no time. The main cause of this success is because of the ultra talented actress Shrenu Parikh. She showed her acting skills in all her previous works but she also displayed her ability to play a dark role in Ek Bhram. With Ek Bhram, actress Shrenu Parikh has shown us the different colors to her acting prowess and we could not have loved her any more than we already do now.

Sure, she is a vamp in the serial but she might just be one of those few vamps who you just cannot hate, because they are just too adorable and so friendly!

She has everything in common with the normal Indian dark roles like the evil smile and words going on inside the head, which may sound cliché but one look at her performance in the serial and you’ll know it’s all too life-like. Shrenu has made the character of Jhanvi look more evil and cruel by not only destroying the opposition with words but also her actions and we are loving every bit of this dark side she is showcasing. Shrenu is so versatile as an actor that she has actually managed to change the definition of vamp or villain on the silver screen.

She has so much flexibility in her emotion that it has made the character more realistic and lively to the audience. She can act like a typical and very perfect Indian bahu but then she can also creep you out with her villain side in less than a minute and you would never know what hit you. This is the main reason for the massive success and increasing demand for the show.

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