The actor talks about Udann and fatherhood

Fatherhood is blissful: Vijayendra Kumeria

Versatile and spirited Vijayendra Kumeria is one actor who infuses life into his characters.

His portrayal of Suraj in Udaan (Colors, produced by Dhaval Gada and Guroudev Bhalla) is what iconic performance is made of, making him an echelon higher than the rest.

He has come a long way since his debut act in Choti Bahu. Novice but novel, Vijayendra grabbed attention from the word go, eventually emerging as a force to reckon with.

The man of substance hit a happy patch in real life too welcoming a little bundle of joy.

In a casual chat on a cosy afternoon, Vijayendra shared: “The feeling of fatherhood is heavenly. It cannot be described in words. I am thankful to God for the little daughter in life. Due to my busy schedule I get very less time to be with my daughter but I ensure to be with her whenever possible.”

Vijayendra will certainly make a super dad.

To perform well, one needs to have a good ambience on the sets as well. Vijayendra mentions that bonding between co stars is amicable;

“We are quite understating and helpful. We are all open to criticism and strive hard for the betterment of the show. My role is quite an interesting one where I get creatively challenged which ensures that I constantly re-invent and evolve.”

We wish you more success and happiness.

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