I get to play with varied shades in Sanjivani 2 by being the not-so-heroic Dr. Aman: Robin Sohi | IWMBuzz

Robin Sohi who plays Dr. Aman in Sanjivani 2 gets talking about the recent twists in the show, that have happened due to his character’s behavior.

I get to play with varied shades in Sanjivani 2 by being the not-so-heroic Dr. Aman: Robin Sohi

Actor Robin Sohi who has been part of movies Lafange Nawab and Raja Abroadiya, is happy with the way his character of Dr. Aman has progressed in the Star Plus show, Sanjivani 2.

Sanjivani 2, produced by Alchemy Films has recently seen the huge twist of Dr. Sid (Namit Khanna) marrying Dr. Asha (Chandni Bhagwanani), thus breaking the heart of Dr. Ishani (Surbhi Chandna).

With the revelation happening of Aman being responsible for Asha’s pregnancy, and that Sid made the sacrifice of marrying Asha in order to give the kid his name, there is huge drama happening and much more is expected in this complicated love story saga.

Robin has very well essayed the brittle behavior of his character, who did not think twice before running away from accepting the responsibility of the girl he loves and the kid growing in her. Robin feels that the varied shades in the character make him a happy man!!

Says Robin, “It is a nice feeling to see how Aman’s character has changed from being a fun-loving guy to being a guy who runs away from accepting new responsibilities in life. Aman is a character who will never think before he acts. After running away from Asha, he is now repenting as his mistake has changed the lives of not one, but three people – Asha, Ishani and Sid. Aman has always been a close friend of Ishani and he is now feeling sad for her as Sid had to marry Asha even when he was in love with Ishani.”

“I am happy as I am getting to do a different kind of a role. By not being heroic in actions, I have a lot of shades to play as Aman. He will soon be back and it will be interesting to see how the man reacts now. He can own up to Asha and get her back in his life, or can continue to stay away from the problems in his life. I like playing the strong characters, whether it is positive or negative,” he states.

Ask him about the friendship of the interns getting screwed up owing to all the confusions, and he states, “Let us see what the audience likes. You never know, we might even get back to the jolly good friendship zone in Sanjivani 2.”

Robin would love to do roles that are substantial and challenging.

Best of luck, Robin!!


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