I am grateful to Kaleerein for giving me a good platform as actor: Paramvir Cheema

Paramvir Cheema looks forward to bigger opportunities as actor.

I am grateful to Kaleerein for giving me a good platform as actor: Paramvir Cheema

Mr. India 2016 Paramvir Cheema is happy that he got his first big break on TV with Zee TV’s popular show Kaleerein (Triangle Films).

Says Cheema, “Kaleerein is my first show and I simply loved my character Sumer Kapoor. The team of Kaleerein was good and was fun to work on sets. My track is not in focus now, but might come back soon. Triangle Films gave me this huge opportunity and I am thankful to them.”

Cheema got into the modelling world post which he got selected for Mr. Punjab, wherein he was one of the finalists. But his win in Mr. India 2016 gave him the huge boost that he was looking for. This paved the way for him to look for new beginnings as actor on TV.

The actors states, “Mumbai has been kind to me. I have been in the city of dreams for a year now, and love the vibes the city gives me.”

On his theatre background, Cheema avers, “I have been doing theatre for the past nine months. Theatre is something I love the most. It has helped me become a better human being; it has helped me connect to nature and with other people. Our group Natyakiran Manch, Mumbai has always been busy with plays in Mumbai.”

“I am on the lookout for new roles which challenge me all the more. I am presently doing theatre,” he adds.

On his aspirations for the future, the actor states, “My aim in life is to be a great artist and to see my parents and loved ones happy. I want to be a versatile actor; I want to try as many characters I can in my life. I will now look forward to prove my acting prowess, and exhibit the skills I have procured through my Gurus and theatre work.”

Have a great career ahead, boy!!


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