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The role actress play in the particular serial is what creates an identity of theirs from the role of the serial. Guddan is termed to be the ideal wife many times in the show Guddan Tumse Ho payega.

When Guddan was the ideal wife every single time

Guddan Tumse Na Ho payega Actress Guddan has gained lots of popularity for herself as well as for the show due to her amazing acting and also her chemistry with the co- Actor Akshat. Guddan from Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Paayega is the lead female character and is one of the most adorable bahus on Indian television. The role of Guddan is played by Kanika Mann and the show airs on Zee TV. Guddan Tumse Nai Ho Payega, Guddan gets married to Akshat who is a widower, due to unforeseen circumstances and becomes a mother-in-law to her three daughter-in-law.

When Guddan was the ideal wife every single time 1

The way Guddan is for Akshat, she is very protective of Akshat. In the show, it is portrayed that she is able to read his mind better than anyone else. Though earlier she never like Guddan she eventually started realizing he is a good man and soon found herself in love with him.

She is termed to be an exact ideal wife many times due to her amazing behavior. The main reason why she is an ideal wife as recently Guddan was to told to marry another older man and she agreed to it because Antra promises her that she will leave AJ if she marries that old man. However, Durga helps her replace the old groom with AJ. While pretending to marry someone else, Guddan succeeds in marrying AJ and also revealing Antara’s true side to him.


When Guddan was the ideal wife every single time 2

Also once When it comes to AJ, Guddan tells the God of Death, not today. Durga and Angad put AJ in a maa Durga idol and put him in the water hoping he will drown. Guddan swims underwater to bring AJ out. Later when Saraswati’s brother tries to attack the Jindal family, Guddan saves AJ from poisonous snakes. When Guddan gets bitten by a snake trying to save AJ, she reaches the doors of heaven and refuses to be there, instead chooses to come back to AJ.

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Saraswati’s brother also tried to make Guddan murder AJ. He threatens to kill her father if she doesn’t kill AJ. Guddan not only manages to fake AJ’s death but also free her father. Guddan then whips Saraswati’s brother in ‘Sita Aur Gita’ style before sending him to jail.
This is some of the times she is showing her love for Akshat but there are many moments than this where she is shown to be the best as ideal wife caring, Loving and protecting him.

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