Talented actor Param Singh has won hearts of viewers in quick time, portraying the intense role of Fawad Ashraf in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live (Somersault Productions).

Param has been a favourite amongst girls for his earlier portrayals in TV shows Sadda Haq and Ghulaam. And the coincidence in all his roles so far has been the intense roles that have been offered to him.

Says Param, “I have never done the character of a crime journalist. Also, I had taken a break from TV for a year or so. I knew the Director of Mariam Khan from before; I was a little apprehensive as the show was taking a generation leap. But when I met the Producer and Creative Producer, I liked the brief and took up the show. True that all the characters I have played till now have been really intense (smiles). Randhir Shekhawat (Sadda Haq), Rangeela (Ghulaam) and Fawad in Mariam have been really intense; I am sure people know that I can carry intense roles very well (laughs). It is good as such roles have lot of shades; it is not just white or black.”

On his role in Mariam Khan, Param states, “He is a go-getter. He is passionate about what he is doing. He is intense, fearless, honest and upright. There is no diplomacy attached to what he talks. He says what he thinks.”

Ask him if he is quite intense as his on-screen roles in real life and he avers, “I am very honest. I am a chilled out guy in real life. Most of my friends are girls, but wonder why I have a problem with girls always in the shows I take up (laughs). In real life, I love girls.”

Param has praises to shower for co-actor Mahima Makwana when he says, “She is a very sweet girl. It is enjoyable working with her. Everyone on the set is casual and nice. There are positive vibes overall on the set.”

On the Mariam journey till now, he states, “The journey is good. I love playing my character. The TRPs have picked up now and I am glad. Otherwise, I am not a person worrying a lot about how long the show will go and about the ratings. I have had a good 40 days so far. I want to be honest to my work and that’s about it.”

The talented youngster is not a very keen social media person. Though he is on Instagram, he is not an active player when it comes to SM. “I am not on FB and Twitter. I know of many fan pages being made of Fariam (Mariam and Fawad). I hope my fans like the show. I also hope for newer audiences to join in as the story has got really interesting now. As for the aspect of me not being active always on social media, well most of the times, I do not know what to post (smiles). But I am learning the art and am on Insta now. I am trying my best o be active.”

Best of luck, Param!!