Rati Pandey the popular actress has been in the industry for 15 long years!! She has excelled in varied genres of work and has showcased her versatility in every challenging character she has bagged.

From shows like Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, Miley Jab Hum Tum, Hitler Didi, to Porus, Devi Adi Parashakti, and Shaadi Mubarak she has had a great career graph which has always been on the rise.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Rati Pandey gets into a heart-to-heart chat wherein she discusses her present roles, her personal life, and marriage.


How has the new journey been of Shaadi Mubarak?

 It is lovely. Actually, it is a good break for me, as I have always been urging to do such a social show for a long time. I am really delighted to be associated with Shashi Sumeet Productions with Shaadi Mubarak, especially because I am the blessed and fortunate one to join this show. After doing a mythological show, this is a good break for me as I get into a social theme that has the element of romance in it.

As an actor, how easy or tough is it to switch from one particular genre to another?

I am an actor and I have to mold into the character given. Definitely, when you are portraying a character, you spend a lot of time with the character and the pattern set to play it. Mytho has a different pattern and take. Yes, it is difficult to switch off from one and switch on to another character. For Shaadi Mubarak, I did not even get the required time to get into the skin of the character. As of now, we work in a natural pattern for Shaadi Mubarak. The best part of Shaadi Mubarak is that it is based on natural performances coming from all actors.

How do you feel when you see yourself on air presently with two different shows in Dangal TV’s Devi Adi Parashakti and Shaadi Mubarak on Star Plus?

I am blessed enough that two of my shows are running during this pandemic. I have never felt guilty about any of my work. So wondering why both shows had to air at the same time does not arise at all. Though everything has come late in my life, things have fallen in place for me. Many actors do not have work these days. Actors are also subjected to cost-cutting. Considering all this, I am happy that I am seen in two shows.

I am happy that people have accepted me in the role of Preeti in Shaadi Mubarak: Rati Pandey 1

You have played many kinds of roles and have seen to it that you have not repeated yourself. So what is the process involved when it comes to choosing a role?

It is always there at the back of my mind that I strive to do things differently. I am known for my work. There is a level of expectation in masses from me. And I always keep it in my mind that I have to take up a role never done before. I should say that I am also fortunate enough that I have been able to stick to this thumb role. I have played many contrast roles and all of them have been trendsetters, and have been noticed by viewers on a vast scale.

Coming in as a replacement is something new for you in a role. So have you been able to come to terms with this new change in your career profile with Shaadi Mubarak?

It is a very different feeling altogether. I had never replaced anybody in any show till this one happened. Though I have got a lot of offers for replacement before, I had never attempted any. It has been 15 years of my career in this industry. So I know for the fact that replacement does not matter if you are in good hands, and part of a good script. I had to do justice to the character I was to perform. So I prepared myself mentally for this challenge. My personality is totally contrasted to what I am playing in the show. I am flamboyant, and a tomboy by nature (laughs). Here I am playing the role of a subtle and soft lady. This is again the first attempt for me. The actor who played the role earlier has also left her mark. The most fortunate aspect for me is that the show was very new. I always think positive and took over the hardship of proving myself with this responsibility. But I was very nervous when I took this up. I hope I am doing justice in the role.

I was not worried about the comparisons that were bound to happen. More than that, I was worried about convincing my audience with my performance. I am a different individual and my perception of the character is different. I am happy today that people have accepted me as Preeti Jindal.

How is it working with the cast?

I am really fortunate to be working with actors like Rajeshwariji, Manav Gohil. They are gem of people. They have helped me a lot when I was initially stressed out when I joined the show. They used to make me understand the graph of my character. I have gained a lot of mental and moral support from them. I am very pally with Manav. I am fortunate again that I did not get a boring co-actor.

Post the wedding a new kind of drama has kickstarted. What do you have to say? 

Yes, the episodes are pacey with more drama. The pattern of the show has changed post the wedding. We are enjoying shooting for the scenes. We hope for the best.

What is the secret behind playing a role wherein the age of your character is way above your real age?

 Yes, I am not at an age close to what I am playing in the show. In real life, I am not even married (laughs). I have not even crossed 40. Yes, it is difficult playing such a role at the age I am in. We have a lot of laughs on this fact when I have my scenes with my onscreen kids. As I said, my personality is a total contrast to my role here. The secret lies in the kind of homework I do for the role. I think a lot of concentration and dedication has gone into playing the character.

I am happy that people have accepted me in the role of Preeti in Shaadi Mubarak: Rati Pandey 2

Is there any dream role that you aspire to do?

There are no specific roles. But I will love to perform for the OTT platform. I want to play a strong and noticeable character in a good web-series. I would like to do a chirpy character as well.

What are your expectations from Shaadi Mubarak? 

There is a lot of interesting drama coming up. This show is not about newcomers and about a young couple. It is a mature love story with a tinge of youthfulness. People will relate to the concept. The spark in the couple is an interesting aspect. I hope people will love our episodes and our TRP rises. The best part is that though the couple is married, there is no love between them. They respect each other a lot and there is a good friendship between them. It will be interesting to see how love will blossom between them.

When is Rati Pandey getting married?

 I don’t know yaa. I am really waiting for the moment. Let us see when my Prince Charming will come into my life. I am very single and ready to mingle at the moment (smiles). As of now, I am breathing, eating, and drinking Shaadi Mubarak right now. But I would definitely start off with a family and have a nice husband.