Child actor Azinkya Mishra who is presently seen as Aarav in Sony TV’s Kathaa Ankahee, is happy and elated as he gets to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami this year with family. He has a double whammy planned for this year, and you will get to know more as you read on!! Here is Azinkya talking about his favourite memories of Kanhaji and also about his favourite sweet dishes.

Says Azinkya, “Whenever my mother changes me from Azinkya to Natkhat Krishna during this festival, I get all the more naughty. I put on the Dhoti, hold the dupatta in my hand, and hold the basuri too. All of my Krishna getup dresses have been designed by my mother. In fact, she has designed a lot of dresses for me. My mother calls me ‘Kanha’ and sees me as her Krishna. I love this a lot.”

Opening up about the double whammy for him this year, Azinkya states, “This year, my birthday is also coming along with Janmashtami. My birthday is on 7 September. So I am excited and overjoyed to celebrate Janmashtami as well as my birthday too.”

Azinkya loves listening to the tales of Krishna. “From the time I have read the stories of Lord Krishna, I have been curious about knowing more. His Baal roop, Makhan chori, when Yashoda Mayya scolds him, everything about these stories, I enjoy. I love listening to them. When Indra Bhagwan created havoc, Krishnaji brought the Govardhan Parvat on his little finger. This story has left a huge impact on my mind.”

Azinkya likes a lot of sweet dishes. “Kheer is one of my favourites. But I ask my mother to include Motichoor ke Ladoo in the bhog offered to Kanhaji. I love Motichoor ke Ladoo.”

Here’s wishing all our readers a very Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!